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COVID-19 -Travel updates

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COVID-19 -Travel updates

As Of January 11, 2021, Kenya Requires Digitally Verified COVID-19 Test To Enter Or Depart Kenya

As of Monday, January 11, all travelers entering or departing Kenya must present a digitally-verified negative COVID-19 test.

Departing travelers: Starting on January 11, 2020, outgoing travelers must obtain a negative COVID-19 certificate in accordance with the trusted Traveler (TT) Initiative (www.africacdc.org/trusted-travel) and the PanaBios system (www.panabios.org).

Travelers who intend to depart Kenya must first visit an authorized laboratory (according to the government of Kenya, all PCR COVID-19 testing laboratories are now part of the TT system), obtain a PCR COVID-19 test with a negative result, and be issued a TT code that is verified by airlines and immigration authorities.  The traveler will receive a text message (SMS) from PanaBios as well as an email from the testing laboratory and/or from admin@panabios.org with a link to guide the traveler on how to generate a Travel Code at trustedtravel.panabios.org.  If the test results meet Kenya’s exit requirements, a Travel Code is issued to the traveler online.

All COVID-19 testing laboratories, starting on Saturday, January 9, 2021, must use the TT process when issuing COVID-19 testing certificates.

Arriving travelers:  The government of Kenya also announced that, starting on January 11, 2021, this new TT electronic verification system will also apply to the negative COVID-19 certificates that are already required for travelers who are entering Kenya; however, details are not available at this time. Please contact your nearest Kenya Embassy or check with your Airline on the updated requirements.

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