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Clarity on our health & safety policies
Leading the way by setting the standard
Eco friendly and effective disinfecting
Adapt policies to latest WHO advice
No worries when you travel

Travel Hakuna MatataTravel Hakuna Matata * (*without worries)

Travel with us for a well-deserved holiday that is relaxing, inspirational, living up to all your dreams, … and worry-free.
The COVID-19 situation has created worries for people all over the world, including for
you, our guests. We often find ourselves searching the internet for ‘can COVID-19 be
transmitted via …’ or ‘can I go outside and do …’

The C.L.E.A.N. partners are here to remove all your travel worries.

During your stay, you can rest assured that measures are taken to prevent the impact
from COVID-19. From the way your room is kept, your laundry is done, your cocktails
are served, your drivers are transporting you across our beautiful landscapes, … every
step of the way we all follow the C.L.E.A.N. policy.

The C.L.E.A.N. policy offers clear guidance to hospitality partners on how to host guests
in a way that is even safer than before. The protocol is constantly updated so that it
reflects the most current guidance by the World Health Organisation. Our teams are
supported by an innovative partner that creates efficient and eco friendly cleaning and
disinfecting products.

The C.L.E.A.N. partners are excited to welcome you for a magical holiday…
with travel bugs only!



  • Vehicles are disinfected before and after every use.
  • Driver wears face mask and driver section to be separated with a transparent barrier.
  • Guests will receive individual masks and hand sanitizers.
  • Guests may wear a face mask but are not obliged to if the driver section is segregated.
  • Before entering the vehicle all passengers wash or disinfect hands with hand sanitizer.
  • C.L.E.A.N. policy available for guests in seat pockets.
  • Closed trash bin available in the driver area and passenger area.
  • Stops along the way at facilities that also follow C.L.E.A.N. policy.


  • Staff and guests to maintain 1.5 metres distance.
  • Hand washing station available upon disembarking from vehicle.
  • Luggage to be carried to guests’ room in a secure manner.
  • Check in procedure will include information on the C.L.E.A.N. policy.
  • All check-in formalities should be completed online to reduce contact and time upon arrival.


  • Rooms disinfected after guests check out and before new guests check in.
  • Rooms cleaned and disinfected several times per day, with extra focus on high touch
  • Linen to be changed after two nights or upon request from the guest. Closed laundry basket
  • Hand sanitizer available outside the room to disinfect hands prior to entering the room.


  • Cleaning products and instructions by Cleaning Partners are applied.


  • Common areas such as the lounge, restaurant, swimming pool, spa area, are cleaned and
    disinfected several times per day.
  • Hand sanitizer available outside the room to disinfect hands prior to entering the room.
  • Guests enjoy private dinners. Social distance of 1.5 metres between different travel groups is
  • Meals are safely served and do not include shared dishes or buffets.


  • Hand washing stations available at various locations in the staff area.
  • Staff to maintain 1.5 metres distance among themselves if work allows.
  • Organise safe and socially distanced transport from home to work.
  • Staff uniforms will include masks and gloves.
  • Uniforms continuously sanitized and steam press or heat iron can be used.
  • Staff working in the kitchen, common areas and rooms should wear masks
  • Ensure regular health check-ups for employees.
  • New safety and hygiene training for staff to ensure staff has skills and knowledge to protect
    themselves and guests.


  • Create an open and safe atmosphere where guests and staff feel comfortable to alert
    management if they show any symptoms of flu or are not feeling well.
  • A Medical Focal Point and Safety Team will be identified among the staff and will receive
    special training.
  • PPE equipment is available for the Safety Team.
  • If someone shows symptoms of illness, the person will be isolated in another comfortable
    room with all facilities.
  • The Medical Focal Point will contact a Health Partner such as AMREF
    and follow their instructions regarding care and, if necessary, evacuation to a hospital.




Guests should arrange a comprehensive Travel & Medical insurance cover when paying the deposit in order to have person coverage against cancellation, curtailment, medical expenses, emergency evacuation, epidemic and loss or damage of personal baggage.


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