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Walking Amongst the Great Migration

Experience the 2-million strong migration herds of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle in a unique way on this walking adventure that takes you from the far southern Serengeti to the central Serengeti over several days. A true once-in-a-lifetime experience that gets you closer to the action as the herds graze and calve on the southern savannah plains.


7 Days Walking Migration Safari


Duration: 7 Days
      |      Arrival City: Kilimanjaro
      |      Departure City: Kilimanjaro
Duration: 7 Days 6 nights
      |      Activities and Interest:  Wildlife, camping Experience
      |      Comfort Style: Comfort




Enjoy a unique perspective of travelling on foot among one of the world’s greatest wildlife spectacles, the Great Migration of 2 million wildebeest, zebra and gazelle. During December and March, the mega-herds of grazers give birth to their young, graze on the nutrient-rich grasslands of the southern Serengeti and begin to move northward in search of fresh grazing.

Your walking expedition will take you right through the heart of the migration, surrounding you with the unforgettable soundtrack of wildebeest grunts, snorts and thundering of hooves as you travel from the southern tip of the Serengeti to the central heart of the national park. Perhaps you will bear witness to a new wildebeest calf or zebra foal being born or see the black tip of a lion’s tail swish in the grass as it lies in wait for an old or injured animal to cross its path. Whatever your experience, this is a thrilling way to explore the sights and sounds of the Great Migration up close.


Serengeti National Park

Day 1

Kimondo Migration Camp

Arrive at  Kimondo Migration Camp (or earlier if you wish to do some game drives in the region), located in the Kusini area in the southern tip of the Serengeti. You can choose an afternoon of leisure in camp or head out on a game drive to explore the region. Your Wayo walking safari guide will meet you this evening to discuss the next days of walking before you enjoy a delicious dinner under the African stars with other guests.

Day  2 & 3

Wayo Walking Fly Camp

Wake before sunrise for an early breakfast before you begin your walking safari expedition, travelling northwest with your expert walking guide. Today’s walk begins in the pretty acacia woodland, heading out into the flat savannah plains that seem to stretch uninterrupted forever ahead of you. Whether the migration herds will be encountered toward the start of your walk or end will depend on the point in the season you are travelling on this Adventure. Regardless, there is plentiful resident wildlife to encounter along the way, including big cats, elephant, rhino and spectacular birdlife. Your guide will point out all the flora and fauna, as well as ensure your safety. Reach tonight’s Wayo walking fly camp in its remote spot by lunchtime, where the friendly camp team and your luggage will be waiting. Enjoy lunch and a well-earned rest in camp and in the late afternoon enjoy a walk in the local area around camp to explore your new surroundings shared only with the wildlife.
Wake up to the dawn chorus of birdsong from your fly camp, enjoying breakfast and departing on today’s walk just after sunrise. Head northwards through open plains, natural gullies, exploring the rocky kopjes which are scattered around the Serengeti landscape. You will stop regularly to take in the ever-changing vistas, rest in the shade, and rehydrate along the way, as well as enjoy wildlife encounters, looking for tracks and signs in the earth and vegetation, and listening out for tell-tale alarm calls that something interesting is nearby. Reach tonight’s fly camp in the early afternoon, tucked into acacia woodland. The team will have moved camp while you walked, setting up in a new location as you work your way northward. Enjoy the rest of the afternoon at leisure to enjoy the peaceful solitude of the location, resting your weary legs, and feasting on the delicious campfire-cooked dinner this evening.

Day 4 & 5

Serengeti Walking Camp

This morning’s walk follows the drainage of the Simeo River as it comes off the plains — one of the most wildlife-rich areas you will walk through. Take your time to enjoy whatever sightings you encounter, whether this is a herd of elephant meandering through the plains, cheetah prowling the grasslands in the early morning light or the congregation of a bachelor herd of impala. Being on foot allows you a much quieter and gentler approach with the wildlife and a more humbling and vulnerable perspective than that of a safari vehicle. You will hike across several smaller open plains and reach Serengeti Walking Camp, a slightly more luxurious fly camp where you will stay tonight.


The terrain becomes rockier as you head farther into the central heart of the Serengeti, passing large kopjes as you walk. Look out on and around the boulders for wildlife ranging from the nimble-footed klipspringer antelopes to lions lazing on the rocks to soak up the sun. You will walk around Oldonyo Olbae hill that dominates the plains here, and camp in the woodland to the west. As with the previous days, afternoons are relaxed in camp, with the choice of going out on a short walk in the vicinity if your interest and energy levels permit.

Day 6

Dunia Camp

Your final morning of walking includes passing through the woodland, kopjes and plains to reach Dunia Camp near the Moru Kopjes in the central Serengeti in the early afternoon. Enjoy a hero’s welcome from the camp’s all-female staff with singing and dancing to greet you before spending the evening soaking up the luxuries that a permanent camp has to offer. Tonight, enjoy a celebratory feast, looking back on your journey on foot through the Serengeti and the migration herds.

Day 7


A leisurely morning with breakfast in camp before you depart for the Seronera Airstrip in the late morning. Alternatively, if you wish, you can extend for a couple of nights of safari from Dunia to explore this central region by vehicle on game drives.

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