Absolutely. The African bush is safe, quiet and far away from any danger. Throughoutthe night, your security is assured by our Samburuwatchmen (the‘Askari’), who patrol the lodge and groundsafter dark and escort you to and from your villa after dinner. During the day, our professional guides will instruct you on how to approach the wildlifein the safest way, either on your game drive or your walking safari. Historically, the number of accidents involving humans and wild animals has always been very low: Homo-sapiens arethe most feared predator of all.... In the past, like in many other countries, Kenya has been the target of terrorist actions and some governments have issued travel warnings, but they have now been lifted. Kenya is a fast-growing and very successful economy and is one of the commercial hubs of the continent.

It really depends on how much time you have at your disposal. In general, if you are travelling from Europe of from the United States, you should plan to have at least a week in Africa. A period of ten days-two weeks would allow you to have an even better experience. There are two ways to enjoy a safari: one is to focus on one area and location and spend all your timethere. The other is to tour several lodges, campsand locations, spending two or three nights at each of them. In the first instance, you getto discovermuch more of the area that you choose, you establish friendships and personal relationships with your hosts and with many of the guides and people who work at the lodge. You will getto know the area from all its different perspectives: early morning safaris, night safaris, bush breakfasts and bush dinners, dawn and sunset, the wildlife but also the people and their customs, photography and pure contemplation, the walking and the driving... The second type of safari allows you to taste the incredible variety of landscapes that Kenya and East Africa can offer. From the very hot deserts to the snows of its highest mountains.The choice is yours!

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